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Sharp Teeth, Dull Minds

By Tadhg Kwasi

27th March 2024

Welcome to this preview of ‘We Hate the Sharkman’s debut EP. An exciting seven-piece jazz-funk band, ‘We Hate the Sharkman’ are based in Sheffield. In the home of indie rock, this band fits right in with their unique take on jazz-funk, seamlessly utilising these sounds with an independent creative energy, bound to make you move and delight your ears. Their sound is one that effortlessly inflects hip-hop, prog rock, cool jazz, and bebop. What can’t We Hate The Sharkmen do?

The seven-piece line-up of these sharkman-hating fellows is Matt on baritone & alto sax, Leo on drums, Joe on keys, Jack on tenor sax and occasionally amping the crowd with great chat, Alex on bass guitar, and finally Adam and Peter on guitar. The multi-talented Peter also mixed and produced this EP. We Hate The Sharkman have slowly built a well-earned reputation playing at local haunts of Sheffield, such as Hagglers Corner, The Washington, Bungalows and Bears, Dorothy Pax, and Rosa Festival. And now they’re moving on to a well-anticipated sell-out show at Yellow Arch Studios.


Today I had the tremendous honour of previewing their debut EP, and, doing my best to convert sound into words, giving you guys a sneak-peek. The six-track EP ‘Sharp Teeth, Dull Minds’ begins with ‘Bears in the Brig’. This is an energetic and funky track with upbeat sonics bound to get your limbs moving and your head bopping. Sonically the sound is mesmerising, the drums blending well with the saxophones to journey you to the groove. Track two, ‘Gotta Get My Shit Together’, starts with contrast being really mellow, snapping up with a cool baseline supporting the spoken lore behind the Sharkman. The
track then evolves into a bouncy bridge, returning to a mellow and thoughtful chorus pleasing the ears ever much so, ending with the infectious chanting of “Gotta Get My Shit Together” and beautiful keys from Joe. Track three, ‘Chicken Gimbal 8000 PT. 1’, is a mellow track reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul, with beautiful horns backing up the boom and crash of the drums.

Track four, ‘Chicken Gimbal 8000 PT. 2’, starts off with a joyous blend of guitars, horns and drums, a sonic experience progressing into bliss, with the saxophones ultimately stealing the show. Track five, ‘Petrichor’ is a meditative jazzy track that slowly builds up into a raucous affair that’ll have you bursting into dance. The sixth and final track, ‘Treehouse’, is a searing cacophony of intensity, led by a bluesy guitar, subtle horns and a nice bass which all lend well to illuminate the looping piano which stands out. This final track ends the EP with a spiritual mood, keeping you in a sweet trance.

Overall, the concise, twenty-minute EP does well to blend jazz and funk into a truly fun and complex sonic experience. The band’s synergy helps to create a unified experience that translates from the live stage into the studio quite well. This is a band that’s one to watch. In the wider landscape of Sheffield’s vibrant and varied indie rock scene, they stand out as one that blends amazing sonic soundscapes and feel-good dancing. Bringing an indie style, blending improvised jazz and funky boogie.


Their debut EP ‘Sharp Teeth, Dull Minds’ releases on streaming platforms on the 12th April 2024

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