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Issue No.5

April 2023

In this issue:

Letters—From Our Readers

The Moscow Metro

On Soviet Nation Building


A Means of Transportation

On Rape Stereotypes

In the Legal System and Online

Women Talking

A Film Review

Power of the Purse

Biases Within the Judicial System

Lacan and the Jazz Age

On The Great Gatsby

Disenfranchised State of Nature

On Knife Crime

Sacrificed For Utility

Modernity and the German Romantic

Oranges in the Orient

On the Palestinian City of Jaffa

Metropolis: Propaganda or Progress?

A Film Review

Between Two Populists

On the Brazilian Presidency

Un Joli Visage

On Claude Berri’s ‘Manon des Sources’

In Conversation with Rob Cotterell


Poetry Section

Elephant Sheets



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Now released for April 2023, our fifth issue is available for worldwide delivery.

Or buy the electronic version here:


Arundhathi Anil

Julia W. Antic

Jamie Ashton

Evan Bromage

Joshua Brooks

Millicent Corcoran

James Grant

Tadhg Kwasi

Chris Manley

Nina Moisan

Sophia Morland

Charlie Parker

Eban Raymond

Will Ridgeon

João Santos

Tarama Sarawak

Harriet Scott

Thom Shinn

Angus Spencer

Yara Taha

Anthony Tomkins

John Williams

Rachael White

Lloyd Wright

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