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Issue No.6

October 2023

In this issue:

Pine After Pine

Tree Planting in the Canadian Interior


Fetishism & the Cult of the Female Star

Higher Education

On the Marketisation of Education

Beautiful Mundanity

On David Foster Wallace

Right to Protest

On Healthcare Worker Strikes

Surrounded by Idiots

A Review of Thomas Erikson

Faustus Through Paradise Lost

Gender, Hierarchy, and Religion

To Her Cad of a Mister

A Response to Andrew Marvell

Fresh off the Boat

On Asian-American Stereotypes

Path to Peace

A Review of Mary Anneeta Mann

Cadence of Colours

A Personal Experience

Defective State

Vigilantism in Nairobi

I Think, Therefore I Think?

A Philosophical Essay

Rocky Mountain Freight-Hop Song

Prose Fiction

The Paedophile

Prose Fiction


Now released for October 2023, our sixth issue is available for worldwide delivery.

Or buy the electronic version here:


Amanda Coleman White

Arundhathi Anil

Chris Manley

Dan Hyde

Grace Perry

Hannah Bannanah

Hannah Lock

Isabella Edwards

Jalaal Adedayo Raji

James Grant

Jeremy S. Ford

Jerome Ruddick

Jiahua Zhang

Khushi Kalia

Lloyd Wright

Mia Luna

Mubashara Khan

Nye Owen

Olga Alexander

Peggy Schimmelman

Pragya Ranjan

Radomir Vojtech Luza

Ruth Grant

Siddharth Rastogi

Sophia Morland

Tadhg Kwasi

Thom Shields

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