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Frontier is an independent literary and culture magazine. An exponent of the longer-form, our array of subjects lie anywhere from literature and philosophy, to poetry, culture, and politics. Intermixed with art, our magazine brings to you each time a curated project of fearless intellectual and creative interest.


Our magazine maintains a specific literary style whereby we aim for more depth into designated topics of interest, providing knowledgeable, intriguing writing and other creative pieces for our readers.

This style permits us to explore relevant and interesting issues beyond a surface-level, column form of writing. We take submissions from a range of contributors including professional writers, academics, students, and critics. 

The purpose of our publication is to promote culture and debate. This means a stance against censorship, being open to differing opinions for the purpose of being able to respond critically, form a discussion, and further the search for truth.

Each of our publications are available in print and digitally. We publish on a quarterly basis from the UK and ship internationally.



Editor-in-Chief: James Grant

Creative & Development Director: Tadhg Kwasi

Arts & Culture Editor: Thom Shields

Assistant Editors: Millicent Corcoran, Antonia Kattos

Social Media Directors: Gabriel Dave, James Grant

Staff Writers: Stefan Nathisha, Gabriel Dave, Tadhg Kwasi, Sophia Morland

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