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In this issue:

Pine After Pine

Tree Planting in the Canadian Interior


Fetishism & the Cult of the Female Star

Higher Education

On the Marketisation of Education

Beautiful Mundanity

On David Foster Wallace

Right to Protest

On Healthcare Worker Strikes

Surrounded by Idiots

A Review of Thomas Erikson

Faustus Through Paradise Lost

Gender, Hierarchy, and Religion

To Her Cad of a Mister

A Response to Andrew Marvell

Fresh off the Boat

On Asian-American Stereotypes

Path to Peace

A Review of Mary Anneeta Mann

Cadence of Colours

A Personal Experience

Defective State

Vigilantism in Nairobi

I Think, Therefore I Think?

A Philosophical Essay

Rocky Mountain Freight-Hop Song

Prose Fiction

The Paedophile

Prose Fiction

Issue No.6 - Electronic Version

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